Garage Leathers Spanks the Cold and Relocates to Nashville, TN

Garage Leathers, the solo bag manufacturer for Harley-Davidson Softails, Dynas, Sportsters, custom motorcycles and choppers, reports today that they have relocated to the Historic Marathon Village area of Nashville, Tennessee, from Midland Park, New Jersey.

The firm’s strategic plan is to consolidate the operations of Garage Leathers with their sister company Garage Coffee to enhance sales and improve operational efficiencies. Garage Coffee, a wholesale and retail firm, plans to entrench itself in Nashville and roll out moto-centric coffee shops that serve as showcases of the Garage Leathers’ product line. Continue reading

Garage Leathers Swingarm Bag Survived the Ditch

It looks great, holds enough  and it resisted allowing water inside

It looks great, holds enough and it resists allowing water inside

RIPbiker13 of HD Forums rides a 2011 Cross Bones and had this to say about his Garage Leathers’ swingarm bag experience.

I saved up and got my new swingarm bag from Garage Leathers in and sealed it and installed it. I was so excited to try it out I didn’t bother to check the weather out near my work, which is a good 50mi away.
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Garage Leathers’ Solo Softail Bag Gets a Thumbs Up

Garage Leathers' Solo Bag

Just What the Doctor Ordered

This came in from captsam54 @ HD Forum about the Solo Softail Bag

AWESOME SIDE BAG..!!! The Solo Softail Bag also fits rigids & custom sleds. I got it from and found them thru discussions here on the HDForum. Recommended by all as the best.. Best work, heavy leather.
– captsam54

Thanks for those words. I started the company because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I have over-engineered the bag so that it wears like steel.
-Rob Camardo

Garage Leathers’ Solo Bags for Softails wear like Continue reading