Garage Leathers Spanks the Cold and Relocates to Nashville, TN

Garage Leathers, the solo bag manufacturer for Harley-Davidson Softails, Dynas, Sportsters, custom motorcycles and choppers, reports today that they have relocated to the Historic Marathon Village area of Nashville, Tennessee, from Midland Park, New Jersey.

The firm’s strategic plan is to consolidate the operations of Garage Leathers with their sister company Garage Coffee to enhance sales and improve operational efficiencies. Garage Coffee, a wholesale and retail firm, plans to entrench itself in Nashville and roll out moto-centric coffee shops that serve as showcases of the Garage Leathers’ product line.

“Our current location is the perfect epicenter for our firm. Nashville provides high-volume traffic for our Garage Coffee’s retail shop and excellent creative knowledge-workers for our Garage Leathers’ business,” explained Robert Camardo, the head honcho and moving force behind Garage Leathers.

“Relocating to the sunbelt in general, and Nashville in particular, provides the firms with greater opportunities to grow and increase market share.”
Nashville is ranked as a top 10 place to live and work, with access to over 50% of the US population within a one-day drive, one of the lowest cost-of-living rates in the U.S., an outstanding music scene and an average high year-round temperature of 70 degrees.

“As we move into the 4th quarter of 2013, expect to see new leather products from the firm as well as cross-promotions between leather and coffee,” said Camardo. “Business is tough, but with the right promotional partners we expect significant growth over the next three years.”

Garage Leathers,, is located at 1200 Clinton Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37203,, (888) 917-6789.

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