Garage Leathers Swingarm Bag Survived the Ditch

It looks great, holds enough  and it resisted allowing water inside

It looks great, holds enough and it resists allowing water inside

RIPbiker13 of HD Forums rides a 2011 Cross Bones and had this to say about his Garage Leathers’ swingarm bag experience.

I saved up and got my new swingarm bag from Garage Leathers in and sealed it and installed it. I was so excited to try it out I didn’t bother to check the weather out near my work, which is a good 50mi away.
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Road Rage “Bag of Beans” Coffee Winners

Our Facebook Promotion

CAPTION CONTEST – Win a bag of Road Rage coffee by writing a caption at the Garage Leathers’ Facebook page. Best caption gets a bag of Road Rage java sent to your door.

The Batman

The Caped Crusader Caption Winner

Another good week at the caption contest.

Clarence Robertson wrote:
And this yet another accessory that can be added to your 2014 model along with the cd player, heater, a/c, caller id!

The Caped Crusader trivia… During his run as Robin in “Batman” (1966), one influential Roman Cathoic organization was outraged by the fit of Robin’s tights. He wore one and even two supporters at one point but they were still not pleased.

Coffee Caption

Coffee Caption

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Win a Bag of Road Rage on Facebook

Win a Bag of Road Rage from Garage Coffee

Win a Bag of Road Rage from Garage Coffee

Need a little pick me up to slip in your solo bag? We have just the ticket. A bag of Road Rage coffee from Garage Coffee.

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Road Rage Coffee is Rolling on the Internet Super Highway

Road Rage Coffee
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2013 Harley-Davidson AMD Invitational Results @ the Custom Bike Show

AMD Invitational – Free Style
AMD Invitational FreeStyle Winner

AMD Invitational FreeStyle Winner

Shaun Ruddy of Chop Deville ran down the competition with his 2012 Chop Deville Retro Racer called Chop Deluxe. Shaun won FreeStyle and will be heading to the AMD World Championship in Essen, Germany as part of Team USA.

The radical board track racer is manufactured with heads & manifold that are ported and matched, CBX thermal barrier coating, Panhead front rocker box, Fueling lifters, pushrods and Yost powertube. Chop Deluxe delivers 167 HP. Continue reading