Garage Leathers’ Solo Bag Feedback

On the road in Alaska with Solo Bag

On the road in Alaska with Solo Bag

Karl D. Woods wrote in about the Garage Leathers Solo Bag as he made his way up to Alaska.

Just wanted to provide a little feed-back on your product … Fantastic !!! Easy in – Easy out … Very well made with pride of a craftsman … Holds just enough crap to make pit stops productive and enjoyable … And it looks great … I’ve had a dozen or so inquiries about it and have passed your information along … Here is a shot of my Garage Leather bag on the road in Alaska.

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2010 Harley-Davidson Wide Glide with Garage Leathers Big Bad Dyna Bag

Client Video: Garage Leathers Big Bad Dyna Bag

This is the newest Garage Leathers Solo Bag, the Big Dyna Bag with Latch on my 2010 Wide Glide with side mount license plate, I just added a piece of flat stock to the bracket to make it long enough to accommodate the bag.

The Big Bad Dyna Bag, part number BL1008N, comes in black with Garage Leathers quick release latch.

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Garage Leathers’ Solo Softail Bag Gets a Thumbs Up

Garage Leathers' Solo Bag

Just What the Doctor Ordered

This came in from captsam54 @ HD Forum about the Solo Softail Bag

AWESOME SIDE BAG..!!! The Solo Softail Bag also fits rigids & custom sleds. I got it from and found them thru discussions here on the HDForum. Recommended by all as the best.. Best work, heavy leather.
– captsam54

Thanks for those words. I started the company because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I have over-engineered the bag so that it wears like steel.
-Rob Camardo

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The Toby Keith Bobber Runs Garage Leathers Solo Bag

Incognito Bandito runs Garage Leather's Solo Bag

Incognito Bandito runs Garage Leather’s Solo Bag

When you want a bag for your custom-production bobber who do you call? If your Dar Holdsworth, Head Choppa at Brass Balls Bobbers, you call Garage Leathers.

The bags are so good that he specified a brown solo bag with brass latch with his bike when he went to compete at the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. Builders from around the world convene in Sturgis, SD to determine the best of the best. In 2011 Brass Balls took 1st place in custom production class.

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Garage Coffee Builds a Man Cave in Nashville

And Sells Cups of Road Rage
Source: Bikernet Culinary Editor Supremo

Rob, a gonzo caffeinated-addled serial entrepreneur

Rob, a gonzo caffeinated-addled serial entrepreneur

Late last January, during a blizzard on a Sunday night in New York City, I met Rob Camardo at the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show while he was promoting his Garage Leathers’ saddlebags. I was talking with him about becoming a sponsor of the Smoke Out Rally, the Choppafest of the East Coast, and while looking at his premium-grade, American-made saddlebags, a pound of his Road Rage Coffee rolled across the floor of his booth.

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Old School Cool – Garage Leathers’ Essential Solo Bag

Reviewed by “LoDown” Dan Parker

These handsome, handmade heavy leather bags attach directly to the rear frame of the Softail

Our heavy leather bags attach to the rear frame of the Softail

It seems that much of the Harley-riding world is well on the way to becoming a nation of big bagger blokes and babes. I too enjoy loading up the Geezer Glide and heading out halfway across the country. But let’s not forget that there are plenty of garages—including mine—that house a Dyna, Sporty, or a Softail. These “little” bikes need love too. And they deserve it. Depending on how they’re set up, each of these H-D models will take one on a very comfortable overnighter, weekend jaunt, or—depending more on rider stamina than anything else—much, much farther down any given road. They are far more than the proverbial “bar hopper.”
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